Mountain Safety and Rescue

Summer courses

For several years La Chamoniarde has offered mountaineers hands-on mountain safety training.

Adult courses


Each summer join La Chamoniarde for a two-days course (with a night in the hut) to update your mountaineering skills, more specifically focusing on glacier travelling and safety, and basic rope techniques. 


Price : 120 €/person + lift ticket + night + meals

Program and dates for summer 2019 will be online soon.


Prerequisites: Mountaineers or experienced walkers accustomed to off-the-beaten-track routes (rock, varied and steep terrain, trekking…)

Content of the day: What to do during an accident in the mountains and basic first aid training (vital emergencies and trauma).

You will see different rescue scenarios and how to find help in the mountains.

On the program: take stock of the situation and the victim, alert the emergency services, perform CPR, stop a hemorrhage, emergency evacuation of a victim and recovery position.

The morning will be devoted to emergency first aid, using what you have available to you. In the afternoon, accident scenarios and a simulated rescue will take place. You will be introduced to the using ropes in order to access a victim safely.

This course is not a qualification.

Prices: €50/person, excluding cost of ski pass

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