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La Chamoniarde is a non-profit association that brings together all those that work in rescue in the Mont Blanc Massif. It works to increase safety in the mountains by getting involved in prevention on a daily basis.



We provide free information about hiking, climbing and skiing to visitors year-round. Office de Haute Montagne (OHM) and Pôle Montagne Risk (PMR) are essential information centres for visitors who need to prepare for a mountain excursion or to improve their knowledge of the alpine environment. 

Our reception areas and website offer information (booklets, videos etc.) to understand mountain hazards and adapt their practice of mountain activities. Visitors are welcome to join free public events throughout the year. 


We recommend self-sufficent visitors to check and update their basic mountain knowledge and skills for a better and safer alpine outdoor practice( summer and winter). Join our outdoor training courses, and practice searching in one of the Avalanche search areas in the valley (DVA parks). 

Our training courses are designed for children, teens and adults. We proudly support cross-border programs in order to debate on all difficulties commonly found during mountain activities. In French only.

Summer courses
Winter courses


La Chamoniarde is a non-standard, non profitable mountain rescue organization. It operates search and rescue missions with a sovereign and independent approach by:

  • Managing the local radio network “ Sécurité Alerte Mont Blanc” ( SAMB) , with reception/alert signal towers located in mountain huts. 
  • Organizing and supervising a simulated avalanche rescue exercise, commissioned by the Chamonix townhall, addressed to all organizations who may take part in an avalanche rescue operation. 
  • Supporting and providing rescue equipment to the National Alpine Rescue Detachment (PGHM).

Rescuers from La Chamoniarde are volunteers who are professional mountain guides for the most part (mountain guides, ski patrols and mountain rescuers). Supervised by PGHM, they give their contribution by joining rescue teams during major avalanche rescue operations or search for missing person. 

Additionally, they are in charge of aid stations during sports and cultural events, such as the UTMB trail running race, the Mont Blanc Marathon, the Aiguilles Rouges Trail running race, the Bangzag event, or the Cosmojazz festival …) 

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