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Ice climbing

An ephemeral activity !

The ice climbing activity is an ephemeral outdoor activity on a material in perpetual transformation.

Particular attention must be paid to changes in weather, temperature change, evolution of the snowpack, ice falls caused by other roped parties.

Argentière glacier is the most popular area, but some lines are formed according to the winters and the temperatures in the valley from Servoz to Vallorcine. These sites are presented in the topo “Cascades around Mont-Blanc” available for consultation in our office.

An entirely artificial waterfall initiation and training site has been developed on the Bérard site. 

The Bérard icefall is an artificial site that required major development work. Several people also work throughout the winter to allow the production of ice. 

You must book online to access the Bérard Icefall site. 

Dry tooling spots have been equipped in Chamonix surroundings on the left bank of the Argentière glacier, in Vallorcine, in Les Chavants, in the thermal park of Saint-Gervais.

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