Mountain Safety and Rescue

Our partners

La Chamoniarde works closely with mountain and rescue professionals, but also with other structures or companies that support our actions.

Mairie de Chamonix Mont-Blanc

As the main sponsor of La Chamoniarde, it donates a yearly fund to the organization in order to support its main objectives which are providing mountain information, awareness and public training.

Compagnie du Mont-Blanc

Established in 2000, the Compagnie du Mont Blanc is the Chamonix valley lift operator and ski area manager. Naturally concerned by safety in the mountains, it supports La Chamoniarde actively during training sessions and helps maintaining a high practice level for mountain rescue operations (helps with logistics and transports for the annual avalanche simulation exercise, and the rescue practice exercise with La Trangulaire). Additionally, it financially supports the association mountain risk awareness program, financing communication actions, mountain safety practice days, AVD practice parks…

Chamonix PGHM

Being a close adviser and partner, PGHM and La Chamoniarde exchange information daily, discuss mountain conditions, avalanche risks, heatwave effects, extreme sport activities etc. They are partner organisers in mountain safety events (i.e. avalanche rescue practice, Triangulaire mountain rescue days, PGHM open house event … La Chamoniarde finances rescue equipment used by both entities, whereas PGHM has the right to use the SAMB radio network. The latter helps maintaining the signal towers. They work jointly and when necessary, on large avalanches, or other search and rescue operations. During summer busy days, a PGHM officer helps out giving information to visitors at the OHM office.

Gendarmerie Air Force

With its valuable research tools like helicopters, the gendarmerie contributes actively to local rescue actions with La Chamoniarde. In addition, helicopter are absolutely essential to install signal towers in mountain huts and altitude shelters (bivouacs), and SAMB maintainance.

Civil Security Air force

With valuable research tools like helicopters, The Civil Security department contributes to local rescue actions cooperatively with La Chamoniarde. In addition, helicopters are absolutely necessary to install signal towers in mountain huts and altitude shelters (bivouacs), as well as for SAMB radio network maintenance tasks.

Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix

La Compagnie and La Chamoniarde discuss everyday about mountain conditions and collaborate on common subjects.


SDIS Haute Savoie supports La Chamoniarde by upgrading emergency beacons in mountain huts and alpine shelters (bivouacs).

Montagne sûre Fondation ( FMS)

Based in the Aosta valley, this organisation is the Italian equivalent of La Chamoniarde. It aims at training the young public, mountain professionals an amateurs. It also conducts field surveys related to specific mountain situations. It conducts research on glaciers located around the Aosta valley and edits avalanche reports. During the past years, the cooperative partnership with La Chamoniarde was boosted the INTERREG European project. Both organisation exchange data and edit reports on mountain conditions.


Established in 1991, it is an ADSSM 74 member, the District association that gathers all the mountain rescue societies of Haute Savoie: La Chamoniarde, Annecy, Chablais, Pays Rochois, Saint Gervais/Val Montjoie, Salève, Samoëns, Thônes/Aravis and the District Association of Dog Handlers of Haute Savoie Mountain Rescue. Mountain rescue societies are involved in the district rescue plan.

Météo France

Three times a day, the national weather office publishes weather reports for the Mont Blanc range, which are available at the OHM office. Météo France publishes avalanche risk reports and collaborates with La Chamoniarde during training courses and sports events.

EDYTEM Laboratory / CNRS


Préfecture of Haute Savoie

Icom France

Established in 1976, the company ICOM FRANCE designs, produces, and sells radios. It provides training and counselling in radio communications. ICOM also designs and sells radio transmission computer programs. ICOM and La Chamoniarde have worked together to create an analog-digital radio network compatible with modern and upcoming technologies. ICOM FRNACE has manufactured specific equipment (communication board, 3 relays) including new generation emergency beacons.


Mammut supports La Chamoniarde by participating in the funding of Freeride Jeunes training courses and also Mammut provides avalanche rescue equipment to our organization.


Arc'teryx helps our organization to dress/equip our active members in their mission (Search and Rescue, training, mountain safety information ...)


FATMAP shares the mountain conditions of the Office de Haute Montagne


WHYMPR shares the mountain conditions of the Office de Haute Montagne


PLUM helps our organization to equip our active members in their mission (Search and Rescue, training, mountain safety information ...)
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