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Mountain information office

OHM is an important meeting place for mountaineers, hikers, hut keepers, mountain guides and leaders… It is THE place to visit before heading out into the mountains ( available information include mountain conditions, maps, guide books, hut contacts, lift access, weather and avalanche risk reports etc.)

Inform all mountain enthusiasts


Throughout the year, the OHM staff gathers the latest hiking and climbing information related to routes and conditions, so that mountain users can benefit from accurate and up-to-date information for all alpine activities. 

Latest conditions

Mountain informations are precious, please call us if you have some ! You can also contact us if you need more specific informations.

Reception and information

At the reception desk ,the OHM staff collects and transfers information to all mountain visitors and locals, individuals, groups or families, new or regulars, beginners or experts etc.

The staff also  answers your questions by phone (+33(0)4 50 53 22 08)or email (

OHM is the place to be for hikers and mountaineers. They are welcome to report on their recent mountain experience on our alpine report book “Cahier de courses” so to share information and maintain a genuine cohesion spirit. 


Visitors can freely access guide books and topographic maps. A 1/10 000 relief map represents the Mont Blanc range at a miniature scale can also help visitors in their research.


The OHM offers access to all types of information necessary to prepare a day out in the mountains:

  • Mountain huts (opening periods, trail access, contact…)
  • Mountain lifts (location and access, opening hours and periods…)
  • Alpine regulations (bivouacs, wildlife sanctuary, paragliding, speed-riding…)
  • Presentation video


OHM recommends mountaineers who have no particular contact in the valley to inform about their route choice and the planned dates.

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