Mountain Safety and Rescue

The Chamoniarde team

La Chamoniarde relies on a technical team, volunteers, first aiders and guides to carry out all of its work.

  • Julien Bailly

    President of the board
  • Océane VIBERT

    Executive director
  • Antoine Brulport

    Reception and information host at OHM, assistant to the management
  • Patricia Lurati

    Reception and information hostess at OHM, secretary /accountant
  • Maud Malaisé

    Reception and information hostess at OHM during summer season
  • Jérémy Daye

    Activity host at Pôle Montagne Risk
  • Adrien Stocky

    Treasurer (board), rescue station manager
  • Jean-Christophe Bèche

    Secretary (board), mountain guide
  • Christophe Boloyan

    Mountain guide and board member
  • Sylvain Frendo

    Mountain guide and board member
  • Pierre Faussurier

    SAMB radio network special consultant
  • Anne Revilliod

    Our star
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