Organizing a trip

Office de Haute Montagne (OHM) is a free public service that provides mountain information year round. It is part of “La Chamoniarde”, a non-profitable organization specialized in the prevention of hazards related to mountain activities and in rescue management.




Open from monday to saturday
9 am to 12 pm – 3 pm to 6 pm

Maison de la Montagne
190, place de l’Eglise
74400 Chamonix Mont-Blanc






The Office de Haute Montagne was founded in 1972 by local guide Gérard Devouassoux, a rescue expert and deputy mayor of Chamonix. After a worrisome season in the alpine field it was considered necessary to find a way to maintain free access to the mountains while reducing the number of casualties in the alpine.

Actions carried out by Office de Haute-Montagne are justified by the will to inform mountaineers and the public at large and prevent mountain accidents.

> Article paru dans Le Figaro du 26/06/72

How it works

Gathering information

By providing accurate information about the routes (hiking trail, snow shoes track, climbing and alpine routes, ice climbing waterfall, ski touring…) and mountain conditions, the OHM team maintains a close and trusty relationship with alpinists, hikers, hut keepers, rescue teams year round.

► Practical information available to help you organizing your trip :

Huts (location, catered period …)

 Lifts (location, opening dates and hours …)

Users regulations (overnight stay, conservations areas, paragliding, speed riding….)



Guidebooks, information booklets, mountain books, topographic maps are available to help you preparing your trip. Furthermore you can visualize a preview of your route on a 1/10 000 scale model.


Delivering information

Staff at the OHM welcome mountaineers and hikers year round and provide them with accurate and updated mountain related data.

OHM is a place where mountaineers and hikers meet and exchange information. They are welcome to write down comments and feedback information in a mountain notebook or online. It is an interactive place that allows continuity in the communication of information.

 Mountaineer Registration

Climbers without contact or address in the valley can fill in a route information form before they head out for the alpine. A good way to collect information about the chosen itinerary and the day and time of their return.

Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute-Montagne, the local mountain rescue department gets involved by assigning a rescuer to attend visitors at the OHM each summer afternoon.

 Trans-alpine collaboration

Thanks to our friendly partnership with the nearby Italian Fondation Montagne Sûre from the Aosta Valley, an organization that updates mountain conditions and hut information, we launched the INTERREG project.